All Oklahoma Outdoor Living structures come complete with a one-year limited warranty.  In the event our product or a portion of our product is found to be defective we will repair or replace the defective item free of charge, at our discretion.

In no event will Oklahoma Outdoor Living be responsible for any damage to the structure caused by events unrelated to the construction of the structure such as, but not limited to fire, hail, winds, high water, poor soil conditions or criminal mischief.

Weathering and discoloration will occur over time without proper staining and sealing.  Periodic tightening of the bolts is recommended due to the natural occurrence of expansion and contraction of cedar.

Western Red Cedar is a natural product in which surface cracks, wane, and checking may appear.  These Characteristics ads to the charm and rustic look of Western Red Cedar but should not adversely affect the structural integrity of the lumber.